Second Annual IADE Seminar / Workshop 2016

September 15–17, 2016 Annapolis, Maryland

Our last annual seminar offered an exciting learning experience at the Historic District of Annapolis.

An intimate training experience for novice, student, or seasoned professionals.

Highlights of the seminar's training included:

  • hands-on workshops
  • disguised writing
  • ink analysis
  • comparing Celestron and MiScope
  • writing and evaluating reports
  • graffiti
  • document restoration
  • Photoshop
  • participation in self-testing for proficiency to create a verifiable accuracy rate providing a "value added" to your credentials.

Attendees had an opportunity to build relationships, learn, and exchange ideas.

About the Speakers — 2016 Annapolis, Maryland

Dr. Michael E. Echols, Ph.D.Dr. Michael E. Echols, Ph.D.
Mike Echols is a leader in adult and corporate learning. Mike is committed to improving corporate investment in human capital and has written and spoken nation wide on the subject for over a decade. He has published over 75 articles on the subject and written three books on the topic, ROI on Human Capital Investment, Competitive Advantage from Human Capital Investment, and Creating Value with Human Capital Investment.

In 2007, Echols was named one of the “Top Most Influential Training Professionals in the U.S.” by Training Industry, Inc. His leadership at Bellevue University garnered the University over a dozen national awards including CUBIC (Corporate University Best in Class) and numerous Chief Learning Officer corporate learning program awards. In 2015, Dr. Echols published his award winning book: “Your Future is Calling.” This latest book is designed to help adults get the education they need to have the future they desire.

Previously Echols was a corporate executive with the General Electric Co. as a subsidiary president and later general manager of world wide operations for the RTV Silicone Department. He holds a bachelor of science degree in Physics from Carnegie Mello University, an MBA from the University of Pittsburgh and a Ph.D. from the College of Business a the university of California, Berkeley.

Sylvia Kessler, CFDESylvia Kessler, CFDE
Sylvia Kessler studied under the supervision of Dr. Marie Cassil for four years learning forensic document examination, signature identification and personality profiling. She has earned certification as a life coach and master of neuro linguistics from the NLP Institutes in California and is a certified Nebraska trained mediator.

She has taught classes at Metropolitan College, Clemson University and Southwest Community College. She developed a training course for Woodmen of World Insurance and trained 75 employees how to identify the “Red Flags of Forgery” for a three-year period. She also worked closely with the Physicians Mutual legal department in signatures identification.

In 2014, Sylvia created the Signature ID Test©, she is establishing a proficiency database to serve the document examination community with a baseline proficiency resource for the industry.

She currently serves as a VP to IADE, and is a member of AHAF, American Handwriting Analysis Foundation and ACFE, and the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.

Katherine Koppenhaver, CFDEKatherine Koppenhaver, CFDE
Ms. Koppenhaver has been a certified document examiner for 30 years. She is the current president of International Association of Document Examiners (IADE). She has written several books including, Attorney’s Guide to Document Examination and Forensic Document Examination, Principles and Practice. Ms. Koppenhaver is also the author of the Forensic Document Examination Interactive Training Program.

In 2013, she was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award from her fellow document examiners. Ms. Koppenhaver has dedicated herself to advancing the profession of forensic document examination through research, teaching, training and publication.

William Koppenhaver, Forensic Document PhotographerWilliam Koppenhaver, Forensic Document Photographer
Mr. Koppenhaver has completed courses in Forensic Science and Criminal Justice. He has received specialized training in his field through NADE, National Association of Document Examiners and the Evidence Photographer’s International Council (EPIC). Mr. Koppenhaver photographs documents using micro-photography and is a specialist in exhibit-preparation for court cases.

Mr. Koppenhaver writes a quarterly column in the IADE newsletter entitled “High Tech”, and lectures on technical matters.

Robert Baier, CFDERobert Baier, CFDE
Mr. Baier is a certified forensic document examiner who has three different degrees and three different certifications in the field of document examination. He has rendered an opinion in more than 1200 cases in more than 26 different states and has testified approximately 100 times in depositions, arbitrations and hearings.

His experience provides attendees with an understanding of difficult real-life cross examinations.

Sgt. Fred ShiflettSgt. Fred Shiflett
Sgt. Shiflett joined the United States Marine Corp in 1965 and joined the Baltimore County Police in 1972. During his police career, Sgt. Shiflett received numerous awards such as: the Chiefs Award and The Sun Paper "Officer of The Year" for the State of Maryland.

After retirement, he joined the Anny Arundel County Sheriff's office in 1995. He has since been recognized with the Sheriff's Award, the highest award of Anne Arundel County Sheriff Office. Other awards include the John Paul Jones Award from the U.S. Navy, and The Pearl Harbor award.

William Lamb, President, AMRestoreWilliam Lamb, President, AMRestore
Will Lamb is the founder and President of AMRestore, a full-service firm focused on the inventory, packing, moving and restoration of collectibles, art work, antiques, documents and valuable papers after disasters. AMRestore offers complete triage, restoration and conservation, freeze drying and digital scanning of valuable papers.

After managing a family restoration franchise, Mr. Lamb recognized a niche need within the restoration industry and started AMRestore to fill those needs in 2007. AMRestore has grown into a respected, nationally recognized company that is frequently referred by The National Archives and other organizations that need customer centric, specialty services.

Corey Grimsley, AMRestoreCorey Grimsley, AMRestore
Mr. Corey Grimsley is a talented and integral team member at AMRestore, where he has managed the growing art and paper restoration department for over seven years. Prior to joining AMRestore, Corey graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art with a Bachelor Degree in Art History and Painting and a post-baccalaureate certification in conservation while in Florence, Italy.

Corey and his department specialize in restoring and preserving fire and water damaged works of art on paper, documents, paintings, photographs, textiles, and objects. Corey also supervises the freeze-drying process for valuable papers to ensure proper triage, stabilization and handling throughout the process.

Colleen HofschulteColleen Hofschulte
Colleen Hofschulte is a freelance designer and has worked with Sylvia Kessler since 2013, and is now aspiring to become a certified forensic document examiner. Colleen has been employed by FedEx in Omaha, Nebraska , and is currently a Hospitality and Convention Operations Manager. She is also serving her second term on the BOD for Omaha Downtown Inc.

Colleen has a Bachelor Degree in Continuing Studies from the University of Omaha graduating in 2006. She completed advanced studies at Metropolitan Community college in interior design, graphic design and electronic imaging. Her artwork is displayed at the Women’s Air Force Service Pilot Museum in Sweetwater Texas and St. Wenceslaus Catholic Church in Omaha, Nebraska.

Sharon Rose Hampton, CFDESharon Rose Hampton, CFDE
Sharon Rose Hampton is a practicing document examiner serving primarily Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Kentucky and Michigan, along with some East Coast and West Coast cases.

A larger and larger portion of her case work involves seeking justice for post conviction cases and false prosecutions based upon questioned documents.

Presentations — 2016 Annapolis, Maryland

Thursday, September 15, 2016

9:00–10:15 — Writing and Evaluating Reports – Katherine Koppenhaver
Words draw pictures. The right words put power into our opinions. The wrong words defeat the power of the truth in the document. This session will teach the most effective way to present thoughts to be read by others and influence them.

BREAK 10:15 -10:30

10:30–12:00 — Document Restoration by AMRestore
Professionals in the field will explain the processes and abilities of the delicate work of preserving and restoring damaged or fragile documents, and what can and cannot be successfully done.

LUNCH 12:00–1:00

1:00–2:00 — Reports vs. Testimony — "Live by the Sword –Die by the Sword" – Katherine Koppenhaver
Using the proper words to create an effective report, (AM session ), we will find where the written report either helps or hurts the court testimony, and the ability for the opposing attorney to use our report against us in our testimony.

2:00–3:00 — Printed Emails as Questioned Documents — Sharon Hampton
Group discussion on whether to take the case, need for cooperation with the defendant, self representation and the hazards of it for the DE, what are the necessary exemplars, ways to simplify demonstrating “code” to prove truth of documents, fighting the system.

BREAK 3:00–3:15

3:15–4:15 — Proving the Holographic Will is Authentic — Sylvia and Colleen
A demonstration of a step by step process used to prove a holographic will authentic. A presentation of real cases with illustrations will be explored. An attorney’s brief to a judge and the judge’s ruling will also be shared.

4:15–5:00 — Photoshop — with handout “CHEAT SHEET” — Colleen Hofschulte
Bring your laptop and Photoshop loaded to play along with this training for DE’s using Photoshop to enhance and illustrate our findings for court displays and examination purposes.

Friday, September 16, 2016

9:00–10:15 — Disguise Workshop — Katherine Koppenhaver
Disguise writing contains differences that enable document examiners to determine if the writing is disguised. This hands-on workshop will allow attendees to work with one another and learn different techniques in determining disguise in a friendly competitive team challenge.

BREAK 10:15–10:30

10:30–11:00 — Pattern Recognition — Katherine Koppenhaver
The skill of the examiner is in determining which characteristics are most representative of the writer. You will become familiar with those characteristics that are easiest to change, those that are most habitual and those the writer does not change.

11:00–12:00 — Graffiti — Sgt. Shiflett
Graffiti often involves writing on media other than paper, such as walls, locker doors, or mirrors. Marks may be made using sharp objects, spray paint or other types of writing instruments.

LUNCH 12:00–1:00

1:00–2:45 — Tour of Courthouse with Lt. McCreary
A personal, guided historic tour of court house including court rooms, library, holding room and prisoner cell block. Special thanks to Anne Arundel Sheriff’s Dept.

BREAK 2:45–3:00

3:00–4:00 — Ink Demonstration/Testing — Bill Koppenhaver
Hands-on practice at matching pens to the lines they create using a variety of writing instruments that challenge the appearance of visual evidence, training the eye to observe characteristics of pens in a friendly competitive test.

4:00–5:00 — Proficiency Testing Questions/Answers Sessions — Sylvia Kessler

Saturday, September 17, 2016

9:00–10:00 — Comparing MiScope& Celestron — Bill Koppenhaver and Bob Baier
Demonstrating and comparing the abilities and warts of microscopes with some interactive practice.

BREAK 10:00–10:15

10:15–11:15 — Cut and Paste Acrobat Files to WORD — Katherine Koppenhaver
This hands-on session will demonstrate how to use a PDF file to create a WORD file and then create your displays or demonstrate your findings in your opinion. Bring your laptop to participate in downloading free program in Adobe to use the application.

11:15–12:00 — Understanding Microscopes — Bill Koppenhaver
Demonstration of how the microscope works and determine which methods would be most suitable for your needs.

LUNCH 12:00 –1:00

1:00–2:00 — Mock Trail — Katherine & Bill Koppenhaver and Bob Baier
Attendees will practice their skills at combating cross examination questioning (persecution of expert with good humor).

BREAK 2:00 –2:15

2:15–3:45 — The Science & Art Forensic Document Examination — Dr. Echols
Dr. Echols will bring his exceptional experience to the job of explaining the realities of document examination in a way that supports the field in the courtroom as legal challenges persist, which attempt to undermine the application of the science.

3:45–4:30 — IADE Annual Business Meeting

  • Discussion of learned experiences from conference to make the next one better.
  • Complete and return the review of speaker, topics, hotel, and location.
  • Share positive suggestions for improved participation and use of Internet.

Photos — 2016 Annapolis, Maryland

Click images to see complete image and caption.


Bruce Redding, Colleen Hofschulte, Sylvia Kessler, Bob Baier, Frank Panepinto and Kathie Koppenhaver

Bill Koppenhaver, LaPuta Williams, Pat Mincey

Sharon Hampton, Kathy Carlson and George Dixon

William Lamb

Corey demonstrates as George Dixon, Sylvia Kessler and Pat Mincey observe.

Kathie Koppenhaver, Bob Baier, LaPuta Williams and William Lamb look at Corey Grimsley demonstration.

Corey Grimsley, Sharon Hampton and Bill Koppenhaver prepare as George Dixon has a bit of fun at Bill’s expense!

Bob Baier, Chair of the Certification Committee, congratulates LaPuta Williams from Jamaica Constabulary Force on his certification as a Forensic Document Examiner.

Front: Sylvia, Pat, Kathie, Sharon, Kathy, Diana; Back: LaPuta, George, Bob, Frank, Bruce, Colleen

Sgt. Shiflett, Sylvia, LaPuta, Pat, Kathie, George, Sharon, Frank, Bob, Kathy, Bruce, Colleen

George Dixon takes the Judge’s Chair in the old court room.

In the old court room jury bo … a jury of our peers: Kathie, Kathy, Colleen, Sharon, Frank and Sylvia. In back Bruce, Bob, George, Pat and Deputy Chase.

Corey Grimsley and William Lamb from AMRestore during their presentation.

Frank Panepinto, Corey Grimsley, Kathie Koppenhaver and William Lamb

Corey Grimsley and Sharon Dixon with Sylvia Kessler looking on.

Kathie Koppenhaver watches Corey Grimsley demonstrate as Sharon Hampton and Bill Koppenhaver look on.

Getting gloved up are Bill Koppenhaver, George Dixon, Sylvia Kessler, Colleen Hofschulte and Kathy Carlson.

Bob Baier, Chair of the Certification Committee, congratulates George Dixon from Jamaica Constabulary Force on his certification as a Forensic Document Examiner.

Kneeling: Michelle Goodman and Deputy Chase; Front: Pat, Sylvia, Kathie, Sharon, Kathy, Diana Back: LaPuta, Bruce, Bob, Frank, George, Colleen

Views of the old court room used now for ceremonial purposes.

Views of the old court room used now for ceremonial purposes.

Views of the old court room used now for ceremonial purposes.

Trying out the Judge’s chair in the old court room is Colleen Hofschulte.

Views of the old court room used now for ceremonial purposes.

Bill Koppenhaver, LaPuta Williams, Pat Mincey, Sharon Hampton, Kathy Carlson, George Dixon, Bruce Redding, Colleen Hofschulte, Sylvia Kessler, Bob Baier and Frank Panepinto