The Annual Scientific Journal of the International Association of Document Examiners

The IADE Journal is published yearly in January and is edited by Katherine Koppenhaver. Download a printable PDF of recent Journals:

2017 — Volume 4
2016 — Volume 3
  • The Scientific Journal of the International Association of Document Examiners, Vol. 3 — WINTER 2016 (PDF 6MB)
    Error Term and Accuracy in Document Examination Work
    Sports Memorabilia
    Alzheimer's Disease and Handwriting Research Paper
    The Effects of Alcohol and Mental and Physical Health Deterioration in Handwriting
    Using Handwriting Complexity to Develop Unifying Handwriting Identification Theory
    Thesis on the Prevalence of Illegible Signatures
    Response to Forensic Handwriting Comparison Examination in the Courtroom by Thomas Vastrick
    Do You Need a Document Examiner or a Handwriting Analyst?
2015 — Volumes 1 and 2